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We recruit excellent thinkers to transform samples to data to knowledge. Come join us!


Moran Yassour, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator


Shiran Halimi

 Administrative Assistant

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Esty Goldberger

Research coordinator

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Sivan Kijner

MD PhD Student


Ofri Bar, M.D.

PhD Student

Nadav Moriel.jpg

Nadav Moriel

MD PhD Student


Netta Barak

PhD Student

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Chiara Mazzoni

PhD Student

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Dena Ennis

PhD Student

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Eliana Farkas

Research assistant


Lior Merav

Medical/Computational Student

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Bella Berman

Medical Student

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Itamar Lavy

MD M.Sc and CS Student


Chen Goldstein

M.Sc Student

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Aluma Etzion

Medical/Computational Student

Yassour Lab Alumni

Ehud Dahan - Computer Science, MSc student

Trishla Sinha - Visiting Research Fellow

Michael Sichenko - Automation and Pipeline Developer

Adi Avni - Computational Biology, undergraduate project 2022

Avital Cher - Lab manager

Nechama Rackow - Research coordinator

Amir Lichtenstein - Student researcher

Sivan Bezalel - Medical student, student researcher

Raz Tshuva - Medical student, student researcher

Omri Yavne - Computational Biology, undergraduate project 2020

Arielle Barouch - Computational Biology, undergraduate project 2020

Eden Deri - Computational Biology, student researcher

Rotem Tal - Computational Biology, undergraduate project 2019

Liat Hadar - Computational Biology, Student researcher

Adi Gershon - Medical student, student researcher

Aviya Litman - Visiting research fellow

Abby Landers - Visiting research fellow

Iris SchodlComputational Biology, undergraduate project 2022

Dvir Itzovitz - Computer Science, MSc student

Liar Zalayet - Medical Student, Student Researcher

Tal Raviv - Computational Biology, undergraduate project 2023

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It can be you!

Nice Microbe

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The lab is currently looking for

curious and enthusiastic students!

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